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IHS Distinguished Fellow Siri Terjesen Explores Ethics, Practices, and Processes

One of the most important issues in business is corporate governance—defined as the rules, practices, and processes that govern how organizations are directed and managed. The growing complexity of the modern business environment necessitates a focus on understanding and exploring ideas around effective governance to ensure that companies operate ethically and responsibly.

Prof. Siri Terjesen

A key figure in this research is 2023 IHS Distinguished Fellow, Prof. Siri Terjesen, an internationally recognized scholar and entrepreneur who has become a leading voice on issues related to corporate governance. Siri is the Associate Dean of Research and External Relations, as well as the Founding Executive Director of the Madden Center for Value Creation, at Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business. She is also the Phil Smith Professor at FAU and Professor of Strategy and Management at the Norwegian School of Economics.

Today, Siri has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles, in addition to several book chapters and other scholarly works, which have been cited over 16,000 times, making her one of the world’s top 2% most-cited scholars.

In August 2022, IHS hosted an Academic Research Symposium (ARS) in Seattle, bringing together top experts in areas related to corporate governance. The event was Siri’s brainchild and featured scholars from across disciplinary areas.

This panel addressed a variety of questions related to corporate governance, including the role of stakeholders in relation to shareholders, the impact of Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) and Environmental Social Governmental (ESG) measures on corporate expectations, and whether there are free-market solutions that can satisfy all sides. By bringing together these scholars for rigorous discussion, IHS is building a scholarly community that fosters liberal-based solutions to today’s pressing challenges.

As corporate governance continues to remain a critical issue that will shape the business world in the coming years, Siri’s partnership with IHS is slated to help build and bring together research communities to promote a more humane and free society.

At IHS, our mission is to support a robust community of scholars who apply the principles and ideas of peaceful, prosperous, and pluralistic societies in their teaching and research, developing solutions that respect individual liberty, equality before the law, and the dignity of all people. Our hope is that by drawing scholarly attention back to intellectual liberalism through civil discourse, we will challenge presuppositions, sharpen ideas, and cultivate an open academic community.

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