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As a first-generation, international college student, scholar Shing Fung ‘Eddy’ Yeung of Emory University is aware of the unique challenges one can face in their academic journey. “There were not many research grants available, in the first place, for international students at their early career stages,” Eddy said of the academic landscape.

Academia is a global network, and the Institute of Humane Studies offers support for scholars from all backgrounds whose work and research is making an impact on classical liberal ideas.

“I am grateful for IHS’s openness to, and trust in, foreign junior scholars.”

-Scholar Shing Fung ‘Eddy’ Yeung

Eddy’s journey in academia has taken him across the world. He​​ obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Hong Kong and received his master’s degree in economics from the University of Cambridge. Currently, Eddy is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at Emory University and Graduate Research Fellow at the Halle Institute for Global Research, where his research primarily focuses on the interplay between public opinion and political communication with a focus on East Asia and the United States.

As a recipient of the IHS funding, Eddy had the opportunity to conduct invaluable research towards his developing projects and papers, which included conducting national surveys for empirical investigations.

Eddy Yeung
Scholar Eddy Yeung

The culmination of Eddy’s research aims to facilitate society’s pursuit of a more liberal and democratic society by understanding the public opinion dynamics developed from the results. His research will be crucial to safeguarding liberal democracies around the globe today.

As his research development continues in pursuit of publishing, Eddy has distilled his theory and experimental test into a standalone paper and is slated to present his findings at several upcoming academic conferences to obtain feedback from colleagues prior to journal submission.  “I plan to seek continued involvement with IHS to produce high-impact research in the future,” Eddy said.

IHS provides support during a variety of pivotal and defining moments in a young scholar’s academic career. Publishing a paper or developing projects and research is a crucial step for scholars to establish an impactful presence in their field. Supporting scholars like Eddy, who are making an impact internationally, enables up-and-coming academics to work towards their career goals, and helps them do their best work.

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