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Professor Tony Gill

Insights from Professor Tony Gill

In the world of academia, mentorship, thoughtful events, and intellectual exploration often intersect. The value of this cross-cutting and educational support cannot be overstated. Anthony “Tony” Gill, professor of political science at the University of Washington, serves as an excellent example of the transformative power academic events and mentorship can have on students and the trajectory of young scholars’ intellectual journeys. 

Enriching Minds Through Thoughtful Academic Events

As an IHS faculty partner, Professor Gill has worked for several years to create immersive academic events centered around classical liberal ideas for both undergraduates and graduate students. Funded by IHS, these weekend seminars, held on campus at the University of Washington, are comprised of roughly 12-15 promising students who engage in open, respectful discussion centered on curated colloquia readings.

“The ‘low pressure/no grades,’ format worked quite well,” Gill explains. “And I saw students more willing to open up with their own ideas about limited government as compared to when they were in a general classroom.” 

With colloquia topics ranging from markets and morality to public choice, Gill describes how these IHS-funded events offer a unique opportunity for students who might otherwise shy away from being vocal in class about classical liberal ideas. “Although this was only for one day, the opportunity to do this and see that others shared their views was very valuable,” Gill states.

Additionally, these colloquia discussions serve as an opportunity for mentorship and career guidance to students interested in pursuing a career in academia. 

“This was an opportunity for me to reward high-performance students who had a budding interest in classical liberalism but never really had exposure to the ideas beyond my classes,” Gill explained. “For me, I had the opportunity to work with them in a smaller setting and get to know them better. I also saw this as a recruiting ground for students interested in graduate school.”

Guest Discussion Leaders: A Pathway to Knowledge Exchange

One of the greatest advantages of these seminars is that they incorporate a unique element of guest discussion leaders from various universities. This diverse range of scholars, including names like Peter Calcagno, Victor Claar, and Ed Lopez, provides fresh perspectives on classical liberal ideas. 

The engagement at Gill’s events extended beyond the seminars, with guest discussion leaders also presenting their research to UW faculty and graduate students. “The benefit of bringing out scholars affiliated with IHS to an R1 university was a boost to their career,” says Gill.

A Gateway to Intellectual Exploration

IHS programs are not just about academics’ research, but about fostering a community of curious minds. Events and programs like these open the door for young scholars to explore opportunities beyond their comfort zones, connecting with their peers, and paving the way for future academic pursuits and continued collaborations both within and beyond their respective disciplines.

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