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Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation is rapidly expanding and integrating into our everyday lives. Beyond the common lexicon of business and tech, AI is carving an indispensable niche in the heart of academia, gracing scholars and institutions with the tools to reimagine the very fabric of human knowledge and progress. It stands poised to redefine the nature of research and shape intellectual inquiry in a manner unrivaled since the Enlightenment.

“AI has been an ever-evolving field. It’s a testament to human innovation,” assistant professor of economics at North Dakota State University, and long-time IHS faculty partner, Dr. James Caton said of this emerging technology. 

“AI has been an ever-evolving field. It’s a testament to human innovation.”

Dr. James L. Caton

As AI continuously evolves, both academia and society must also adapt, ensuring that regulations and frameworks keep pace with technology’s rapid advancement, fostering progress and innovation.

At the Institute for Humane Studies, our mission is centered at the intersection of technology and humanity, where AI intertwines with the future we wish to craft. To this end, IHS is connecting  a thriving ecosystem of scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders, girded by an unwavering commitment to liberal principles, to ponder over profound questions in AI:

AI in Online Speech and Content Moderation

The digital forum, once an unfettered space for global discourse, now navigates the complex realm of AI moderation. The algorithmic strings pulling content editing beg the question of bias—how do we ensure that AI’s digital governance remains just, equitable, and fair? This is a frontier we must collectively probe, unfurling a tapestry of solutions that AI-led moderation can weave without compromising on individual expression or authenticity.

Progress and Precaution in AI Innovation

Innovation is heralded as the bedrock of these emerging technologies, but not without risk. The scholars in our network advocate for a tempered, yet progressive approach to AI development, where the ill winds of overreach and misuse are balanced by the sails of measured growth and ethical application.

AI and Social Trust

The fabric of trust in society is in a noticeable decline. With news and even personal communications now AI-generated, trust is a commodity in peril of depreciation. Herein lies the sweet spot of our inquiry—a focus on AI’s catalytic potential to promote truth, collaboration, and the very bedrock of social trust, essential for a cohesive, thriving society.

In our outreach to academia, we work with the brightest minds poised on the precipice of AI’s burgeoning landscape, who pave the way with their research to redefine paradigms and capitalize on the potential AI offers in transforming societies. AI matters because humanity’s tomorrow hinges on the decisions and designs we manifest today. 

At IHS, we stride purposefully, with a legacy of fostering freedom, and humankind’s quest to harness AI will be no exception. Join us on this journey in support of scholars who are tackling this emerging technology head-on through collaborative scholarship and an unwavering commitment to human dignity and progress.

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