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The Humane Studies Fellowship now offers tiered grant support for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers! Awardees receive financial support and also benefit from mentorship and job market support.

This fellowship program comprises three tiers of support. Graduate students and post-doctoral researchers can apply for Graduate Sabbatical Grants and Accelerator Grants. However, the Junior Fellowship is by invitation only.

HSF Graduate Sabbatical Grants

Graduate Sabbatical Grants

Through Graduate Sabbatical Grants, the Humane Studies Fellowship continues providing up to $15,000 to buy out teaching responsibilities for a semester. These grants are highly competitive and can be renewed, and both graduate students and postdocs are eligible to apply. Awardees will be expected to attend a Research Productivity Workshop and present their work at an online IHS event.

Accelerator Grants

The Accelerator Grants tier offers two types of grants: Publication Accelerator Grants and Conference Accelerator Grants.

Publication Accelerator Grants award $5,000 to support graduate students and postdocs planning to submit an article to a well-regarded journal within six months. Recipients will be expected to take advantage of the IHS Paper Review program to get feedback from an expert of their choice, and also to present their work at an online IHS event.

Conference Accelerator Grants offer $2,000 to support graduate students developing a paper into a conference presentation. These grants are designed to assist master’s students as well as PhD students who have not yet advanced to candidacy. 

Accelerator Grants

Junior Fellowship Grants

Finally, the Junior Fellowship recognizes select students and postdocs who have a strong record of publications and IHS event participation. Junior Fellows will receive support including $5,000 in summer research funding.

The Humane Studies Fellowship is open to applications from graduate students, enrolled in master’s or PhD programs, and post-doctoral fellows at any university. Previous applicants and winners are welcome to apply.

To learn more and apply, visit our Funding Opportunities webpage. The Humane Studies Fellowship Graduate Sabbatical Grant and Accelerator Grant applications are open!

Here is the timeline for our application process:

  1. Apply for a position 
  2. An HR team member will review your application submission  
  3. If selected for consideration, you will speak with a recruiter 
  4. If your experience and skills match the role, you will interview with the hiring manager
  5. If you are a potential fit for the position, you will interview with additional staff members
  6. If you are the candidate chosen, we will extend a job offer


All candidates will be notified regarding the status of their application within two to three weeks of submission. As new positions often become available, we encourage you to visit our site frequently for additional opportunities that align with your interests and skills.