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Corporate governance sounds like a term reserved for boardroom discussions and the upper echelons of the business world. But the truth is, corporate governance affects much more than just the corporate elite—it influences the quality of life for millions of Americans in both direct and subtle ways. The choices made by executives in a handful of boardrooms are shaping the path to human flourishing, and the economic future of American households.

Corporate governance has often been caught between two primary views. One champions the free market, arguing that the desire to satisfy the customer with the best product and service should be the driving force for business decisions. Political stances and moral statements are not factors considered for business decisions. The other argues that companies have an obligation to consider other factors besides shareholder profits. The company’s impacts on stakeholders, society, and the environment carry equal weight to profitability.

Shaping Business Decisions and Society

The policies and principles that form the backbone of corporate governance are not just theoretical musings but manifest in the decisions that shape our world. Consider the explosion of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria, the drive toward sustainability, and the frenzied debates over executive compensation.

These policies have a butterfly effect across the American landscape. A change in governance approach in a Fortune 500 company might spawn a shift in social norms, set industry standards, or affect investment portfolios.

IHS Scholar Research on Corporate Governance

Scholars and analysts within the IHS community are pioneering research that challenges conventional wisdom and introduces innovative concepts that promote individual liberty and free-market solutions.

Mentorship and Scholarship

IHS has bred a culture of mentorship, where established scholars’ work transcends mere academic publication—it informs policies, shapes debates, and ignites change in the world.

The work of scholars like Siri Terjesen and Maria Minniti is exemplary. They have dedicated their careers to examining the tectonics of corporate governance, questioning the top-down approaches of modern times, and advocating for alternative paradigms.

Prof. Siri Terjesen
Prof. Maria Minniti

How Scholars Are Shaping the Future

By investing in influential research networks, IHS scholars are connecting their ideas to the wider public and policy spheres to foster freedom and prosperity.

IHS is an incubator for the values and principles that have underpinned human rights and economic growth for centuries, and a springboard for the ideas required in an era gripped by uncertainty.

Harness the Power of Classical Liberal Ideas with IHS

The discourse on corporate governance is an opportunity for concerned citizens to engage with the monumental questions of the day. For those energized by the vision of a more humane and free society, the Institute for Humane Studies stands as a bastion of intellectual inquiry and a pillar of support for those doing the behind-the-scenes research necessary to ensure a freer future for all. 

To learn more about the groundbreaking work being done by our scholar community and how you can help support these scholars to continue to make a difference on campus, in academia, and beyond, visit

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