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Liya Palagashvilli

Liya Palagashvilli

The Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) at George Mason University is proud to announce the recipient of our first IHS Sabbatical Research Fellowship. Economics professor Liya Palagashvili of State University of New York-Purchase has been awarded $42,000 to conduct research on the relationship between regulation and entrepreneurship within the realm of startups.

Dr. Palagashvili is Assistant Professor of Economics at State University of New York-Purchase, a Fellow with the Classical Liberal Institute at New York University School of Law, and a Senior Fellow with the Fraser Institute.

She has published over a dozen academic journal articles, book chapters, and policy papers in outlets such as Public Choice, History of Political Economy, University of Chicago Legal Forum, Journal of Institutional Economics, and Supreme Court Economic Review. In addition to academic writing, Dr. Palagashvili has published over two-dozen articles in media outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, among many others.

She has presented her research both domestically and internationally on the topics of law and economics, political economy, development economics, and entrepreneurship both domestically and internationally. In 2016, Dr. Palagashvili was named one of the Forbes’ “30 under 30” in Law & Policy. She earned her PhD in Economics in 2015 from George Mason University, where she was also a Mercatus PhD Fellow.

Dr. Palagashvili’s research project will investigate the relationship between regulations, startup failures, and “would-be” entrepreneurs. It fills a gap in the literature that currently focuses on and investigates “successful” or “active” startups, thus lacks analysis of how regulations have impacted failed startups.

This research project will draw on empirical fieldwork, direct surveys, and an extensive database of failed and inactive startups to examine how “direct” and “indirect” regulations have impacted the failure of certain startups, deterred would-be-entrepreneurs, and pushed entrepreneurial endeavors out of certain industries and sectors.

IHS Sabbatical Research Fellowships, which are made possible by the generous support of the Thomas W. Smith Foundation, support semester-long sabbaticals for the study, research, and teaching of classical liberal ideas.

IHS will be offering three more such awards over the next two academic years to scholars endeavoring to conduct research focused on free and open markets, individual rights, private property, peace, prosperity, self-determination and autonomy, decentralization, limited government, privacy, free speech, and other such ideas.

This new program represents IHS’s continuing commitment to supporting faculty who seek to enhance our understanding of the classical liberal tradition and who contribute to the growing exploration, discussion, and debate of these fundamental ideas.

Learn more about our sabbatical fellowship program or explore IHS’s other funding programs to find the right one for you.

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