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It is no secret that American higher education is struggling with a decline as it diverts from its foundational principles of open inquiry and intellectual diversity—principles integral to a flourishing and innovative society. Amidst these struggles facing the university system at large, there are talented scholars across the country who are ready to address these challenges and dissect pressing contemporary matters with integrity and informed insight. Academic collaboration is crucial to addressing these challenges.

Collaboration serves as the linchpin for progress and innovation in not only the academic community but also in nearly every facet of societal advancement today. It is a force that propels scholars beyond the boundaries of their individual expertise, igniting fresh insights and innovative solutions. “Collaboration brings a tapestry of fresh perspectives and places those innovative solutions at the forefront,” Peri said.

“Collaboration brings a tapestry of fresh perspectives and places those innovative solutions at the forefront.”

Professor Giovanni Peri

Giovanni Peri, a professor of economics at the University of California, Davis, and a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, is celebrated for his groundbreaking work on immigration and labor markets and exemplifies the power of collaboration in the academic landscape.

Recently, Peri served as a guest speaker for a recent Institute for Humane Studies Academic Research Symposium on COVID-19 and immigration. At the symposium, Peri shared his research and insights into the rapid transformations witnessed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic with a diverse group of scholars. As Peri noted, “COVID-19 acted as a powerful accelerator, a whirlwind of change, propelling trends that were already underway.”

Prof. Giovanni Peri

Peri believes that the “best ideas” emerge from academic conferences like this one, where scholars can combine skills, expertise, and ideas from a wide array of their peers and experts across academic disciplines.

To stay ahead of that whirlwind of change, Peri’s research focuses on putting the “best ideas” into practice, and underscoring the importance of timely and relevant research. “Academics now bear the responsibility of producing insights and analyses in real-time to address these rapidly unfolding developments,” Peri said.

The need for this timely research is defined by an era of advancements and, in the face of these transformations, collaboration has become indispensable. “Through collaboration and the adept use of data and technology, scholars can continue to make meaningful contributions, even in this era of rapid change,” Peri said. 

Reflecting on his own career, Peri illustrates the role that academic conferences, like the IHS academic research symposium, play in fostering collaboration. “Many of my most enduring collaborations began as serendipitous encounters at such gatherings,” Peri states. “These interactions exemplify the intrinsic value of IHS’s academic conferences in forging connections and advancing research.”

The pursuit of knowledge remains steadfast, and collaboration serves as the driving force behind academia. This force is propelled by the dedication of scholars like Peri, and their continued scholarly collaboration.

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