Bill Glod
Program Director

Bill GlodBill Glod is Philosophy Program Officer at IHS and Program Director of the Summer Graduate Research Fellowship.  In 2009, he joined IHS from Tulane University, where he taught philosophy for several years and received his PhD in 2008 under the tutelage of Eric Mack and Gerald Gaus. 

Dr. Glod has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, including Reason Papers, Southern Journal of Philosophy, and HEC Forum.  His research interests are in political philosophy, particularly public reason liberalism, political justification, and moral arguments against coercive paternalism.  He has been Visiting Scholar at the University of Arizona's Philosophy department and Managing Editor for Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

  • “Political Liberalism, Basic Liberties, and Legal Paternalism,” by William Glod. The Southern Journal of Philosophy 48:2(2010):177-196.
  • How Not to Argue Against Paternalism,” by William Glod.  Reason Papers 30 (2008):8-22.

As director of the Summer Graduate Research Fellowship, Dr. Glod supports fellows in many ways:

  • Provides feedback on draft papers
  • Keeps fellows focused on their research projects
  • Monitors progress
  • Recommends helpful academics or resources
  • Encourages fellows to consider the classical liberal tradition and how it relates to their work
  • Facilitates discussions at the conferences and online