Michael Zarowny

Assistant Director of Finance

Michael Zarowny

Michael Zarowny is the Assistant Director of Finance at the Institute for Humane Studies.

Before joining IHS, Mr. Zarowny’s career was divided between Time-Life Libraries, where he managed the Payroll and Human Resource Department of the Arlington, Virginia Telemarketing Office, and Varsity Books, where, in addition to managing their Specialty Textbook Operations, he served as the liaison between Operations and Finance.

Mr. Zarowny earned a bachelor’s degree in History from Hillsdale College and a master’s degree in Medieval and Byzantine Studies from The Catholic University of America. 

Following Alexis de Tocqueville, Mr. Zarowny believes that 1270 is the year in which modern liberty was born.  For Mr. Zarowny the ultimate moral justification of capitalism is that markets and technology have transformed the book from a hand-crafted, one-off, art object costing the equivalent of a modern house to an inexpensive mass produced commodity, allowing him to accumulate, even as a poor graduate student, a personal library larger than that most medieval aristocrats could ever had afforded.

Though originally from Detroit, Michigan, Mr. Zarowny now cannot imagine a life that does not include the National Gallery of Art, the American Film Institute, and the philosophy and theology collection of Catholic University’s Mullen Library, and so is pretty much condemned to live the rest of his days in Washington, DC.