Seminars & Conferences

Summer Seminars

This summer, discover how individual liberty has shaped the modern world. IHS weeklong Summer Seminars deliver the ultimate libertarian learning experience: brilliant teaching by top-tier faculty, stimulating discussion, and meaningful interaction with peers from around the world. Choose from 5 seminars hosted at colleges across the United States from May to July. »

Scholarship & a Free Society Symposia

Continuing IHS’s legacy of catalyzing discipline-shaping ideas, this year’s Scholarship & a Free Society program will support the next wave of influential thinkers contributing to the classical liberal intellectual tradition by bringing them together with current leading scholars in their fields.

Weekend Exploring Liberty Seminars

Make liberty your weekend plan! Campus-based Weekend Exploring Liberty Seminars offer undergraduate students an introduction to individual liberty. Get acquainted with classical liberal ideas and meet liberty-minded peers through lectures, thoughtful discussions, and opportunities to socialize. »

Advanced Policy Seminars

This research-oriented seminar will explore current trends in scholarship surrounding the erosion of civil liberties, emerging threats to the right to privacy, the legal and ethical implications of the growing surveillance state, and the political economy of police and military budget expansion.

Liberty & the Art of Teaching Workshop

A conference on effective teaching techniques and incorporating classical liberal concepts into a curriculum while maintaining a balanced, open discussion. Open to advanced graduate students and faculty. »

Advanced Programs by Invitation

The Institute for Humane Studies also offers advanced invitation-only academic programs for scholars who attended IHS Summer Seminars or received funding through IHS fellowship programs.

Advanced Topics in Liberty, by Invitation

IHS and Liberty Fund co-sponsor invitation-only weekend conferences holding discussions about the ideas of liberty and a free society. A faculty member guides fifteen participants from various backgrounds through a Socratic-style investigation of the challenges, questions, and concepts framed by a set of readings. Participants, primarily select alumni from other IHS programs, receive full scholarships including travel and lodging expenses.

Career Development Seminars for Graduate Students

Promoting scholars for liberty! IHS Career Development Seminars teach classical liberal graduate students how to land jobs in academia and contribute effectively to scholarly conversation. The seminars focus on public speaking, interview preparation, the publishing process, and the road to tenure.

Current Research Workshops

Junior faculty are given the opportunity to present their research papers to distinguished panels of scholars during these day-long workshops. Two experts comment on the research and provide valuable feedback.