Online Seminars

Whatever your career stage, “Your Career in Liberty” online seminar series can help! Each semester IHS hosts a wide variety of seminars focused on advancing liberty through your career. Take a look:

Intellectual Webcasts

Lectures open to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of classical liberal ideas. 

Grad School 101

This series will cover a range of topics including whether grad school is right for you, choosing the right program, and advice on getting in.

Graduate Career Development Webcasts

Talks on how to prepare to go on the job market and what to expect from the process. Learn about special considerations for your discipline, the current academic job market, and get advice specific to your job search.

Faculty Career Development Webcasts

Sessions on publishing work through various outlets: articles, books, blogs, press, and more. Get discipline-specific advice about how to place articles, secure book contracts, build a successful blog, and take advantage of the popular press.

Publishing Workshop

A one-of-a-kind totally interactive, online workshop that will detail how to turn your coursework papers into publishable, scholarly articles. What’s more, you’ll be able to work one-on-one with professors in your discipline during breakout sessions afterwards—all in the comfort of your home (or graduate student office).

Online Teaching Series

While teaching online courses opens up exciting new possibilities, it’s a lot different than standing in front of students in a lecture hall. oin (better yet watch) Mike Munger, Art Carden, Kevin Currie-Knight, and others, as they take you through the new ABC’s of current best teaching practices in six, one-hour, online sessions.