Federal & Single-Issue Policy Internships

The Koch Summer Fellow Program is now being hosted by the Charles Koch Institute. To find out more and apply, visit: http://www.charleskochinstitute.org/koch-summer-fellow-program/


The Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program offers internships at federal and single-issue policy organizations, many in Washington, DC.  As the federal government increasingly influences areas once reserved to the states, working on federal policy has taken on greater importance.

Man standing in front of capitol building

Host organizations work on issues ranging from privatization solutions to religious freedom to civil liberties.

  • National Taxpayers Union works for lower taxes and smaller government. 
  • Institute for Energy Research studies the effects of government regulation on global energy markets.
  • Technology Policy Institute focuses on the economics of innovation, technological change, and related regulation. 
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During your internship, you might travel to the hill to meet with staffers, attend congressional hearings, or help host an event. A day might include helping to coordinate a nationwide mobilization campaign or writing a paper for a policy journal.  

"It was the best summer ever. I met an amazing group of people, many of whom I still keep in touch with, and I got to experience DC as an intern. The District is so accommodating to people our age, from happy hours to lunchtime lectures; it was an experience I'll cherish forever." - Bridget McNamee, Duke University School of Law

DC Housing

Four at CATO
Fellows based in Washington, DC, live in furnished housing provided by IHS. The housing environment gives Fellows the opportunity to get to know each other and share stories about their internship experiences. And when you live in DC, there are always policy briefings and lectures of allied organizations to attend during lunch or after work.

Boost Your Career

In one summer, the Koch Summer Fellow Program can give you the real-world experience you need in today's competitive job market. The intensive ten-week program begins in June and includes a $1,500 stipend and furnished housing. A limited number of travel scholarships are also available.