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The Koch Summer Fellow Program is now being hosted by the Charles Koch Institute. To find out more and apply, visit:


Refer to this page as you prepare your application for the 2013 Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program. Undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates between the ages of 18-30 are eligible for the program. 

To apply, please submit the following:

  • An online application
  • Your college transcript (an electronic or paper copy with your name clearly printed; unofficial copies, photocopies, and electronic versions are acceptable)
  • Your resume

Some internship hosts require a separate, additional application. Please see the internship descriptions in the Host Search for details. 

Uploaded documents must be in standard word processing or graphics formats, such as *.pdf, *.rtf, *.doc, or *.jpg. If you do not have electronic versions, mail them to: Attn: Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program, Institute for Humane Studies, 3351 Fairfax Dr, MSN 1C5, Arlington, VA 22201. Do not send diplomas, certificates, or letters of recommendation.

Please note, this is not the actual application. To apply to the program, login or create an account and go to the Application Manager. If you have a question, contact us.

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Please upload a current transcript below. (Only .docx, .doc, .txt, .rtf and .pdf formats are acceptable.) Unofficial, electronic copies of your trasncript are acceptable.

Applicants who cannot scan or take a readable picture of their transcript can send it to IHS by fax or mail:

Attn: Koch Summer Fellow Program
Institute for Humane Studies
3351 Fairfax Dr, MSN 1C5
Arlington, VA 22201
Fax: 703.243.8442 


Please upload your resume. (Only .doc, .txt, .rtf and .pdf formats are acceptable)


List five intellectual figures or books that have most influenced you and a single sentence for each stating how it has impacted your thinking on public affairs. Please do not include family members, pets, or coaches. 


Please list the public policy issues that interest you, in order of the strength of your preference.

Policy Interests 
Please select the public policy issues that interest you most (up to five). Looking for tips on placement? Visit the FAQ page.   

  • Church & State/Religious Liberty 
  • Civil Liberties/Rights 
  • Constitutional Law/Federalism 
  • Criminal Justice 
  • Drug Policy 
  • Education Policy
  • Entitlement Policy/Welfare 
  • Environmental/Energy Policy 
  • Fiscal/Monetary Policy 
  • Foreign Policy/National Defense 
  • Government Spending/Transparency 
  • Gun Rights/Gun Control 
  • Health Care Policy 
  • Immigration 
  • International Trade/Trade Policy 
  • Labor Policy/Minimum Wage/Unions 
  • Property Rights/Eminent Domain 
  • Regulation/Occupational Licensing 
  • Subsidies/Corporate Welfare 
  • Tax Policy 
  • Technology/Telecommunications 
  • Other 

Please provide details on the public policy issues that interest you, in order of the strength of your preference.


We recommend typing and saving your essay(s) in a word processing program and pasting them into the boxes below. Do not cut and paste from Microsoft Word; use a plain text editor such as Windows Notepad instead. You should also periodically click the "Save for Later" button to prevent losing your data. 

Career Interest *
Please describe your career goals and how you plan to accomplish those goals. (250 words)

Threat to Liberty *
What is the most critical threat to liberty? How could this threat be reduced or eliminated? (200 words)

Public Policy *
Write an essay on a major public policy issue. Address the significance of the issue, any problems with current approaches, and how you would modify or replace those approaches. (500 words) 


Please use this area to clarify any information in your application, such as your school not issuing a standard GPA. You may also add information and qualifications not included in your resume or this application. Please do not list information stated elsewhere. 


Please list the top four organizations you would like to work for and explain why. Be specific and include the reasons you are qualified. Your responses will be shown to the organizations. Wording such as "This is my fourth choice because . . . " is not recommended. The fifth choice allows you to add an organization(s) not affiliated with the program.

To learn more about available host organizations and considerations you should address in your responses, use our host search.

The director will use both your placement preferences and your policy interests to match you with a host. 

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Please list two references that can speak to your qualifications for the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program. We prefer one reference who can speak to your professional qualifications and another for your academic qualifications. We do not require letters of recommendation. 

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Applying for travel assistance does not affect your chances of being accepted to the program. 

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Please note, this is not the actual application. To apply, complete the online application.