Tomas Larsson

  • Discipline: University Lecturer at the Department of Politics
  • Organization: University of Cambridge

Tomas Larsson recently completed his doctoral studies in Government at Cornell University. Tomas is currently revising his dissertation, entitled Capitalizing Thailand: Colonialism, Communism, and the Political Economy of Rural Land Rights. His next research project focuses on the causes and consequences of variation in the rate of diffusion across Southeast Asia of two rival technological and philosophical approaches—transgenic vs. organic—to the future of agriculture.

During the 1990s, Tomas worked as a freelance journalist based in Asia. He is author of the bookThe Race to the Top: The Real Story of Globalization.

Tomas has taught courses in Southeast Asian politics and in International Relations at Cornell University and Ithaca College. In September, he will begin a position as University Lecturer at the Department of Politics, University of Cambridge. He will also be a Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge.