Scott Beaulier

Scott Beaulier
  • Discipline: Associate Professor of Economics
  • Organization: Troy University

Scott Beaulier is the Adams-Bibby Chair of Free Enterprise and Associate Professor of Economics at Troy University.  He is also the the Executive Director of Troy University's Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy. Previously, Dr. Beaulier was Assistant Professor of Economics and Chair of the Economics Department in Mercer University's Stetson School of Business and Economics. Dr. Beaulier received his Ph.D. in Economics from George Mason University (Fairfax, VA) and his B.A. in Economics and History from Northern Michigan University (Marquette, MI).

Scott is the author of a number of academic articles that focus on issues in Austrian economics, public choice economics, and development economics. He has also published a number of opinion editorial pieces, and he frequently appears on local radio and television networks. In the summer of 2004, he led a team of researchers to Botswana for seven-weeks of fieldwork. The focus of this study was on how Botswana—a landlocked, sub-Saharan African country—managed to escape the “natural resource curse.”

In addition to his scholarly activities, Scott is a dedicated teacher who has won a number of teaching awards in the past few years. Dr. Beaulier’s personal web page,, contains his academic writings and more information about his research work and personal interests.