Monika Nalepa

Monika Nalepa
  • Discipline: Faculty Member of Political Science
  • Organization: University of Notre Dame

Monika Nalepa joined the Department of Political Science at University of Notre Dame in 2008. She was previously at Rice University after receiving her PhD from Columbia University in May 2005.

Her research is on transitional justice, that is, ways in which new democracies deal with members and collaborators of the former authoritarian regime. In her work, she examines how democratic institutions, such as parliaments, elections, constitutions and veto players affect transitional justice outcomes. Prof. Nalepa calls this a “positive” or “explanatory” approach to transitional justice.

She is also working on a project on designing institutions of transitional justice (the ETR and ITR project) which applies methods of mechanism design to transitional justice.

This research agenda has led Nalepa to explore other fields in comparative politics, such as formal models of legislatures, constitutional design and electoral reform.

Her primary, but not only, regional focus is East-Central Europe. She has conducted surveys and elite interviews on transitional justice in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.