June Arunga

June Arunga
  • Discipline: Founder; President
  • Organization: Open Quest Media LLC

June Arunga is the founder and president of Open Quest Media LLC, a film and television production company in New York City and Co-founder of SelfMadeWorld.Com. Self Made World (SMW) is an online resource for aspiring and recent immigrants and immigrant-entrepreneurs. She is a Law graduate from the University of Buckingham in England.

She has written and hosted four documentaries to date.

  • "The Devils's Footpath" - 5,000 mile journey from Cairo to Cape Town through six conflict inflicted countries. (2004, BBC TV)
  • "Africa: Who is to Blame?" - She was co-presenter with the former President of Ghana - Jery Rawlings. (2005, BBC World TV)
  • "Africa's Ultimate Resource" - Profiles African immigrant entrepreneurs, why they leave and what happens to their ventures when they transplan them to a different political and economic regime. (2005, Victory Studios)
  • She also worked with Johan Norberg on "Globalization is Good" (2002, Channel 4 UK), based on the Award winning book by Johan Norberg "In defence of Global Capitalism" (2001).

In February 2007 June co-authored a study on "The Cell-Phone Revolution in Kenya" which was the basis of BBC "News Night" mini-documentary by the same title.

June is a Member of the board of advisors for: Global Envision in the United States, and is on the Creative Council of the Moving Pictures in New York.