Alex Padilla

Alex Padilla
  • Discipline: Economics
  • Organization: Metropolitan State College of Denver

Alex Padilla is an Associate Professor of Economics at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. He obtained his bachelor, master, and doctorate in Economics from the University of Law, Economics, and Science of Aix-Marseille (now called University Paul C├ęzanne Aix-Marseille III) in France. His primary research interests are in the fields of applied microeconomics, industrial organization, and law and economics. His doctoral dissertation was on Insider Trading, Agency Theory, and Corporate Governance.

Alex Padilla has published several academic on insider trading in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Commentaries in Law & Economics, Florida State Business Review and other non-academic essays for non-profit organizations. His current research involves studying how insider trading is currently perceived among academics and non-academics. Other research interests are in studying self-governance mechanisms in non-traditional industries with a special focus on the adult film industry.

Alex Padilla teaches Intermediate Microeconomics, Law & Economics, Industrial Organization, and the traditional introduction to economics course sequence.

Alex Padilla is also the Director of the Exploring Economic Freedom Project at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. The Exploring Economic Freedom Project is dedicated to educate students and the general public about the role of economic and political freedom in promoting entrepreneurship, economic growth, prosperity, and peace. The Exploring Economic Freedom Project includes the Exploring Economic Freedom Lecture Series, which has hosted guest speakers such as Benjamin Powell, Robert Lawson, Edward Stringham, Peter Leeson, Chris Coyne, among others. The Exploring Economic Freedom Project also sponsors undergraduate students at Metro State going to present their research at the Association of Private Enterprise Education annual convention.