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Join IHS in the Fearless Pursuit of Truth

Higher education is in dire straits. Once the cornerstone of the American experiment, the university is now under threat from rising authoritarianism, siloing, and dysfunction. Today’s universities have abandoned truth-seeking in favor of grandstanding and illiberal activism.

We need a hack around the system to ensure that good ideas can still take their place in the creation of a good society. With your help the principles that enable freedom and human flourishing can take root within and take flight beyond the walls of the university.

That’s why we’re launching a suite of new programs to ensure ideas are developed, challenged, and refined in a fearless pursuit of truth. We still need scholars and scholarship. You can help tomorrow’s rising star academics and today’s masterful teachers connect with a community and have the resources they need to inspire the next generation with the ideas of freedom.

Your investment supports:

  • Research Grants for promising young scholars already making an impact in their field
  • Mentorships to support the connection of freedom-focused faculty members with graduate students
  • Educational Entrepreneurship Grants to support faculty-hosted classical liberal programming and teaching for undergraduate students


Active Research Projects

Faculty and Students Supported

Funding Awarded This Year

Our mission is to build a freer society grounded in the principles of liberalism, where individuals can live free, peaceful, and productive lives. But to get there, the ideas that make this possible need champions like you so they can take root, grow, and take flight.

With your investment, we can overcome the dysfunction in higher education and ensure that freedom-focused ideas are heard beyond our universities and applied in the real world.

Join us in the fearless pursuit of truth.

Keep in touch with IHS to learn about your continued impact:

Here is the timeline for our application process:

  1. Apply for a position 
  2. An HR team member will review your application submission  
  3. If selected for consideration, you will speak with a recruiter 
  4. If your experience and skills match the role, you will interview with the hiring manager
  5. If you are a potential fit for the position, you will interview with additional staff members
  6. If you are the candidate chosen, we will extend a job offer


All candidates will be notified regarding the status of their application within two to three weeks of submission. As new positions often become available, we encourage you to visit our site frequently for additional opportunities that align with your interests and skills.