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Build a Future Where Technology Creates a Freer More Prosperous Society

Imagine a future where technology empowers freedom, not hinders it. Your support fuels groundbreaking research and fosters collaboration among diverse thought leaders in AI and Tech. Donate today and you can pioneer a new era where AI serves humanity’s greatest aspirations.

At the Institute for Humane Studies, we’re embarking on an unprecedented journey to ensure that artificial intelligence promotes a freer and more prosperous society. As AI becomes increasingly integrated into our lives, it brings with it both risks and opportunities: from information warfare to breakthrough economic growth. Our decisions today will determine the future of AI and its impact on how we live, work, and govern ourselves.

Our analysis reveals a troubling disconnection among stakeholders. Philosophers, entrepreneurs, psychologists, and political scientists are not collaborating effectively, leading to fragmented approaches to AI development and governance.

Leveraging our expertise in research community building, IHS has launched our most ambitious initiative yet: an interdisciplinary network committed to advancing social, moral, and economic progress in AI development. This initiative is part of a larger $10M effort to stimulate scholarship on rapid technological and social change.

Our approach emphasizes classical liberal principles, prioritizing dispersed innovation, local knowledge, and personal liberty. Through catalyzing and supporting projects, you can address pressing concerns in AI development

Your investment can support over 600 grants and programs, including major research grants and seed funding for new projects. You can drive collaboration and innovation in AI development:

Ethical AI Development and Governance:

Ensure AI moderation avoids bias and counters censorship, while balancing risks with innovation to foster trust in an AI-driven society.

Socio-Economic Implications of AI:

Prepare for the transition to an AI-fueled economy and address regulatory barriers to entrepreneurship and creativity, promoting economic growth.

Innovation and Technology Adoption:

Partner with industry leaders and academic experts to drive innovation and facilitate the widespread adoption of AI technologies, ensuring their responsible and ethical implementation in society.

Support Freedom-Centric Standards for AI Governance

With our unparalleled academic network and grantmaking capacity, IHS is uniquely positioned to lead this effort. But we can’t do it alone. Join us in shaping a future where technological breakthroughs result in more freedoms that empower us all.

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