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Be Outspoken for Free Speech in the Digital Age

Our country is increasingly divided, and tribalism and polarization are rampant – especially online. Essential to a free and flourishing society is our ability to openly exchange ideas and debate. Today that takes place in our modern public square: social media. But these private spaces too often dictate who can say what and when. Our most cherished civil liberty – freedom of speech and expression – must be sustained in the digital age. Donate now to preserve speech freedoms and promote a robust civil society!

Freedom of speech faces threats from both extremes on the left and right. At the Institute for Humane Studies, we believe it’s time to reclaim the American spirit and practice of freedom of thought and expression. That is why we’ve launched a series of multi-year, multi-million dollar efforts to grow and sustain a new intellectual community committed to freedom and human progress. Central to this initiative is our work in speech and intellectual freedom. This program allowed us to make rapid gains in addressing threats to free expression, but we need you now to help grow it.

Your support fuels groundbreaking research and fosters a community committed to preserving freedom of speech in the digital age.

At the Institute for Humane Studies, we’re on a mission to support the achievement of a freer society. With your help, a vibrant intellectual community of more than 6,000 members dedicated to freedom and human progress can have the resources they need to confront the most pressing challenges of our time head-on. We’re spearheading groundbreaking research across three vital fronts:

Contemporary Threats to Speech Freedoms:

From classrooms to boardrooms, speech is under threat. IHS scholars are pioneering freedom-based alternatives to ineffective policies like ESG and DEI, while addressing the concerns that gave rise to such policies in the first place.

Open Inquiry:

Within American universities and beyond, we are investing in and connecting individuals with the boldness to challenge old dogmas, question the status quo, and make room for good-faith disagreement.

Online Speech:

In an age where social media platforms wield immense power over public discourse, we are ensuring that free expression thrives while fostering a robust civil society.

Join Us. Be Outspoken.

Your gift to IHS supports major research and seed funding for projects that will create a new standard to preserve free expression in the digital age. It also makes it possible to bring together the best and brightest driven by the belief that freedoms of thought, speech, and expression makes a free and prosperous society.

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