Scott Bullock

2005 Recipient of the Charles G. Koch Outstanding Alumni Award

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Scott Bullock

Scott Bullock joined the Institute for Justice at its founding in 1991 and serves as a senior attorney. He litigates property rights, free speech, and other constitutional cases in federal and state courts. In the property rights area, Scott has been involved in a number of prominent cases challenging the government's abuse of eminent domain laws.

Scott served as lead counsel in the Institute of Justice's First Amendment lawsuit to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's (CFTC's) campaign against investment newsletters, computer software, and websites. Scott has also authored several Supreme Court briefs advocating greater protection for commercial speech and parental rights.

His articles and views on constitutional issues have appeared in the Wall Street Journal,New York Times60 MinutesABC Nightly News, National Public Radio, and many other publications and broadcasts.

Scott's volunteer activities include serving on the board of directors of HR-57, a Washington, DC-based music and cultural center dedicated to the promotion of jazz education and on the board of a national, grassroots civil forfeiture reform organization. He received his law degree from the University of Pittsburgh and his BA cum laude in economics and philosophy from Grove City College.

Scott Bullock was also the 2005 recipient of the Charles G. Koch Outstanding Alumni Award.