Jason Brooks

Participant: Liberty & Current Issues; Charles G. Koch Summer Fellowship

Winner: Felix Morley Journalism Competition

In 1995 Jason Brooks began his relationship with the Institute for Humane Studies when he participated in a summer seminar. Given his desire to pursue a career in journalism, Jason was invited back the following summer to participate in Liberty and Current Issues, a seminar designed for aspiring journalists and public policy analysts. That same year, Jason won 3rd place in the Felix Morley Journalism Competition. He continued to take advantage of IHS resources in 1997 by completing an IHS independent study course while pursuing his undergraduate degree from Carleton University. In 1998 Jason spent the summer working at Reason as a Koch Summer Fellow. While a fellow, Jason published articles in Reason, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Times. Later that year, Jason again won the 3rd place prize in the Morley competition.

Jason graduated from Carleton University in the spring of 1999 and sought a job in journalism. A Young Communicators travel grant enabled him to travel to New York to interview for an internship in John Stossel's unit at ABC. However, Jason felt his future lay in print media and law school. He is currently a law student at the University of Toronto and a reporter / columnist for the Toronto Star.

IHS Program Participation:

  • Summer Seminar '95
  • Morley Journalism Competition '96, '98, '00
  • Liberty and Current Issues seminar '96
  • IHS independent study course '97
  • Koch Summer Fellowship '98
  • Young Communicators grant '99
  • Humane Studies Fellowship '99
  • Law student, University of Toronto '00
  • Reporter / Columnist for Toronto Star '00