Alex Singleton

Writer and Commentator

Alex Singleton is a leader writer and commentator for The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and He has previously written for The Guardian and The Daily Express.

Described as "the high priest of globalisation" by Mark Malloch Brown (former head of the UN Development Programme, now Kofi Annan's chief of staff), he is a regular commentator on television and radio programmes such as Newsnight, The Today Programme, Channel Four News, CNBC Europe and Sky News.

He often gives talks and debates at universities (e.g. LSE, Trinity College Dublin and the University of Cambridge) and at schools.

He was formerly President of the Globalisation Institute and Research Director of the Adam Smith Institute, and spent a summer on the IHS Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program. He is the author of Trade Justice or Free Trade?, which was discussed in a sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and co-author of Positive Environmentalism: A Convenient Truth.