On Campus Events

The Undergraduate Research Colloquium

An Opportunity To See How Well Your Ideas On Liberty Pass Muster.

(Or at the very least our distinguished panel!)

Ever wondered if you’ve got the chops for a life in academia? Find out during our 1-Day Undergraduate Research Colloquium, co-sponsored with Students for Liberty. It’s fantastic opportunity to present your own original research on a topic of your choice in the form of a 15-minute talk and have it critiqued before an audience of fellow classical libertarian thinkers:

  • Dr. Phil Magness, IHS
  • Dr. Mario Villareal-Diaz, IHS
  • Dr. Sarah Skwire, Liberty Fund
  • Dr. Steve Horwitz, St. Lawrence University

We’ll wrap things up Saturday evening with a joint keynote address from the famed team of Horwitz & Skwire. And while the meat of the colloquium will be held April 5 we’ll have a get-to-know-you session the night of April 4 where you can not only meet our panelists but also make friends with like-minded peers from all over.

Colloquium Specifics:

  • The 1-Day Undergraduate Research Colloquium
  • Saturday, April 5, 2014
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

If you’re interested in attending the colloquium, register here.

For applicants residing outside of the Philadelphia area, IHS is pleased to provide a limited number of accepted presenters with a travel stipend of up to $300. Stipends will be awarded by application at the time of conference acceptance, so please register early to take advantage of this program.

 If you have questions or inquiries, send us an email.