A Typical Day at a Summer Seminar

Breakfast – Enjoy breakfast in the campus cafeteria with other students and faculty members before heading off to the first morning lecture.

Morning Lecture & Discussion – The learning and discussion begins. A lecture usually lasts for 50 minutes. Students then break into small groups for 20 minutes, discussing the content of the lecture and generating questions to pose to the speaker. The whole group then reconvenes, and the lecturer spends the last part of the session answering questions and further explaining concepts. Participants are encouraged to continue speaking with the faculty after the session if they have additional questions or topics to discuss. 

Coffee Break – Enjoy refreshments and pastries.

Second Morning Lecture & Discussion – A new speaker and topic- the same interactive-style session.

Lunch – The whole group has lunch in the cafeteria, including the faculty and staff. Talk about the morning lectures and make plans for free time after lunch.

Free Time – Hang out with other seminar students on campus, play soccer or ultimate Frisbee, go shopping in stores near campus, take a nap…whatever helps you recharge.

Afternoon Lecture & Discussion – More learning! 

Dinner – Enjoy dinner with the group in the cafeteria.

Discussion Groups – Join a faculty-led, small-group discussion about the day’s lectures or anything else you want to talk about. Groups usually consist of twelve people or less.

Evening Social – Enjoy complimentary refreshments and snacks, and talk with both faculty and students late into the night. Set your alarm so you make it to the next morning’s lecture.

*On Tuesday, the afternoon and evening are free to use as you please. No lectures or discussion groups are scheduled. Students often explore the local town, go to dinner with other students, or enjoy the campus.