Advanced Studies: The Challenges and Future of Liberty
July 28-August 3 | Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA area

This high-level seminar gives well-versed classical liberal students and recent graduates the opportunity to test and sharpen their ideas by applying libertarian thought to difficult problems and questions. Participants think critically and debate about the classical liberal perspective—its past, current state, and possible future trajectories.

Advanced Studies: The Challenges and Future of Liberty

The Advanced Studies Seminar is designed test limits—challenging participants and ideas alike. Faculty and students evaluate the strongest critiques of libertarian ideas; propose responses and solutions to complex problems; consider possible avenues for future research; and investigate historical and contemporary outworkings of economic, political, and legal bases for liberty. Participants will hear lectures from faculty and engage in discussion groups with faculty based on readings that will be distributed in advance of the seminar. 

Fundamental Questions

What are the most difficult issues facing classical liberal thinkers today?
What, if any, are the limits of the libertarian viewpoint as a political philosophy?


The faculty includes professors from a range of disciplines including economics, philosophy, law, political science, and history. Read about the speakers at each seminar.

Students are responsible for travel costs; IHS covers program costs, books, housing, and meals.

"Any person who enjoys intellectual discussion will revel in an IHS seminar." – Geoffrey Hayes

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