Advanced Studies: The Challenges and Future of Liberty
July 28-August 3 | Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA area

This high-level seminar gives well-versed classical liberal students and recent graduates the opportunity to test and sharpen their ideas by applying libertarian thought to difficult problems and questions. Participants think critically and debate about the classical liberal perspective—its past, current state, and possible future trajectories.

Advanced Studies: The Challenges and Future of Liberty

Spend your week engaging in thoughtful discussion, exchanging ideas, and having FUN! This is a sample day from a typical seminar:

Breakfast - get up early enough and you may find yourself joining the faculty in a vigorous conversation on the thought of FA Hayek

Classical Liberalism as a Research Program  
What is the role of Classical Liberalism as a political theory? What defines a progressive and non-progressive research program? What are some of the problems that might allow more progressive research?

Break - enjoy refreshments & pastries.

Legitimacy and the State 
Is it possible for the state to legitimately coerce people? What could give it this power? Is consent sufficient or necessary for the state to have legitimacy?

Lunch - pick the brains of the faculty and fellow students about ideas, careers, and more.

Free Time - Explore the campus and surrounding area, watch a video with your newfound friends, or just relax and take a nap.

The Road to Syracuse: Instituting Classical Liberal Ideas
What are some ways that classical liberal ideas have actually been instituted as government policy? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these different strategies?

Dinner - Over a dinner table seating both students and faculty, talk more with Steve Davies about the ideas in his lecture.How to Deserve
What qualifies as desert? Should desert be the basis of Justice? If not, what should be the basis of Justice in a classical liberal society?

Discussion Groups - Join a faculty-led small group discussion over the topics of the sessions earlier in the day, issues raised during the seminars, or anything else you want to mull over!

Evening Social - Enjoy free refreshments, snacks, and great conversation with both faculty and students late into the night.

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