Liberty & Society
June 26-29 ● Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA area

In the course of human events, no other idea has affected humankind as much the notions of liberty and a free society. As has been seen time after time in nation after nation the ideas of freedom have rocked the planet. And will continue to. If you feel you’re at a place where you’d like to truly become part of this discussion you’re  ready for our Ideas That Change The World Seminar. 

Liberty & Society

What’s a typical day during the Liberty & Society: Ideas that Change the World?

While not every day will be the same you can see how a typical day will challenge you to further expand your thinking on the effects of liberty as a beneficial societal force like never before.

Breakfast (Roll out of bed. Change your shirt and clean up a little. Then amble down to refuel yourself for a new day of intellectually stimulating topics and discussions.)

Philosophies of Government: A Roadmap 
Every day talk of the 'left' versus the 'right' leaves out important distinctions. What justifies the government's authority to oblige and coerce? How do consequentialists differ from rights-based thinkers when it comes to justifying liberty?

Coffee Break 

The Industrial Revolution
What events brought about the Industrial Revolution?  How did it impact the working class?  Learn about the events leading up to the Revolution and how its impact is still felt today.

Lunch & Free Time  (Process and discuss your thinking with some lucky soul you’ve just made friends with. Or simply chill and bask in the Pennsylvania sunshine.)

Career Panel
Get career advice from professionals working for liberty in areas such as policy, law, and journalism. Hear real on-the-job stories about making your way in the workplace. Ask questions and visit with professionals making the world a freer place.

Dinner (Continue your conversations. Trust us. You won’t run short on topics.)

The Public Choice Approach
Learn about how incentives and institutions influence political actors. Why does government not work nearly as well as the supporters of government argue? Why does it continue to grow, and how can we think more critically about what specific role government and markets should play in society?

Discussion Groups
Join a faculty-led small group discussion to consider the questions that have been lingering and developing throughout the day. Raise new concerns, and hear what your fellow students thought about the issues you learned about!

Evening Social (Enjoy a drink as well as engage some friendly debate and in-depth discussions that will quite possibly linger late into the night.)

Sleep. (Sleep? Who has time to sleep?)

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