Journalism & a Free Society
June 2-8 | Loyola University, Chicago, IL

This intellectually enriching, skill-building program launches future writers, reporters, and producers into liberty-advancing journalism careers. Participants get practical advice from seasoned professionals, learn how to approach economic and political topics analytically, and explore how classical liberal principles work in the press and media. Skilled communicators from all majors are eligible.

Journalism & a Free Society

Radley Balko

Senior Writer and Investigative Reporter, Huffington Post
Radley Balko is a senior writer and investigative reporter for the Huffington Post, where he covers civil liberties and the criminal justice system. He also writes about music and culture in Nashville, Tennessee, where he lives. Balko is a former senior editor for Reason magazine. His 2009 investigative report on expert witness fraud in a Louisiana death penalty case won the Western Publication Association “Maggie Award” for reporting. In 2011, The Week named Balko a finalist for “Opinion Columnist of the Year." Also in 2011, the L.A. Press Club named him Journalist of the Year. »»

Benjamin Berger

Political Theory, Swarthmore College
Professor Berger is an authority in modern political theory, with special concentration on the work of Alexis de Tocqueville and Hannah Arendt. His expertise extends beyond theory to the practice of democratic politics: citizen participation, civic engagement, ethics in politics, and the advantages as well as challenges of community-based learning. »»

Alexei Marcoux

Business Ethics, Loyola University
Alexei M. Marcoux (BA, economics, University of San Francisco; MA and PhD, philosophy, Bowling Green State University) is Associate Professor of Business Ethics in the School of Business Administration at Loyola University Chicago. Previously, he has held visiting appointments at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Saint Cloud State University, Liberty Fund, and the Social Philosophy & Policy Center. A popular teacher, he was named Faculty Member of the Year by Loyola’s 2005 MBA graduating class.

Professor Marcoux’s research focuses on the moral foundations of commercial transactions and embraces topics like reservation price deception and moral partiality in business practice. A two-time winner of the Best Paper Award at the Society for Business Ethics Annual Meeting, he has published scholarly articles in Business Ethics Quarterly, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Morality & Markets, Journal of Private Enterprise, and Reason Papers. He is co-author (with Al Gini) of two textbooks, Case Studies in Business Ethics (6th ed., Pearson Prentice Hall, 2009) and The Ethics of Business: A Concise Introduction (Rowman & Littlefield, 2012). Currently, he is writing a scholarly monograph advancing a human-scale, transaction-focused business ethics entitled Business Ethics For the Rest of Us»»

Mario Villarreal-Diaz

EconomicsInstituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Mario Villarreal-Diaz's research looks at institutions and the economic incentives they create. Specifically, his interests are the political economy of migration and the effects of financial remittances on developing countries. He has worked in the scholarly and business sectors in the United States and Mexico. A former Fulbright fellow, he is a professor and Research Chair in Strategic Intelligence at the Public Policy Graduate School at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico, and an Affiliated Senior Scholar at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. »»

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway

Reporter, Freelance
Mollie Ziegler Hemingway is a reporter based in Washington, D.C.  She has a column in The Wall Street Journal and is a regular contributor to “GetReligion,” a website about the media coverage of religion. »»

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