Journalism & a Free Society
June 2-8 | Loyola University, Chicago, IL

This intellectually enriching, skill-building program launches future writers, reporters, and producers into liberty-advancing journalism careers. Participants get practical advice from seasoned professionals, learn how to approach economic and political topics analytically, and explore how classical liberal principles work in the press and media. Skilled communicators from all majors are eligible.

Journalism & a Free Society

The Journalism & a Free Society seminar examines the relationship between a free press and political liberty and prepares participants to succeed as members of the press.

Participants gain intellectual enrichment—learning conceptual frameworks for economic and political analysis—and receive practical career advice from experienced journalists. Over the week participants engage in philosophical inquiry and gain valuable insights about media operations. The group of aspiring and experienced journalists will discuss challenging questions such as:

How has/will emerging media change the information landscape?
How does media treat complex economic issues?
What role do journalists play in a free society?


The faculty includes professors from a range of disciplines including economics, philosophy, law, political science, and public policy. Read about the speakers at each seminar.

Students are responsible for travel costs; IHS covers program costs, books, housing, and meals.

"A great mix of philosophical and theoretical information on liberty, as well as practical and insightful discussion of journalism as a career." – Eric Boehm, Seminar Alumnus

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