2015 IHS Summer Seminars

Foundations of Liberty Summer Seminars

The Foundations of Liberty seminars introduce classical liberal approaches to creating a peaceful, prosperous and free society.

You’ll learn about the very foundations of individual liberty from historical, legal, economic, and philosophical perspectives while taking in influential ideas from pivotal thinkers like John Locke, Adam Smith, F.A. Hayek and others.

The interdisciplinary curriculum amply demonstrates the importance of liberty from many angles, and draws lecturers and students from a variety of disciplines. Here participants will begin to apply the principles of liberty in order to address questions like: “What is the proper role of government?”, “How can society solve widespread problems while respecting individual liberty?”, “What are the unintended consequences of government programs?” and others.

Each day will be jam-packed with lectures and discussions covering a wide range of topics spanning from past to future and practical to theoretical. In the end, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of classical liberalism from philosophical, economic, political, and historical vantage points as well as gaining knowledge of the basic principles of Austrian and Public Choice economics ready to take the dialogue of moral and political ideas behind Classical Liberal themes to the next level.


Take a few minutes to explore the two special Foundations of Liberty seminars we’re conducting this summer in greater detail:

Foundations of Liberty: Historical Perspectives

Foundations of Liberty: The Rule of Law