Foundations of Liberty: The Rule of Law
June 12-15 ● Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA area

On the one hand, we all want our individual liberties and freedom to lead fruitful, productive lives. But being a community of individuals, we also need laws to guarantee those freedoms. But how much is enough and at what point is it too much?

Foundations of Liberty: The Rule of Law

What’s a typical day during the Foundations of Liberty: The Rule of Law Seminar?

While not every day will be the same you can see how a typical day will challenge you to think about law and liberty as you’ve never thought about them before.

Breakfast (Yawn. Pour a cup of Joe. Engage in a topic that occurred to you on your way to breakfast.)

Positive & Negative Rights
Explore the philosophical basis for individual rights. What obligations do people owe to one another?  Discuss your ideas with the faculty and your fellow participants.

Coffee Break 

Law and Order: The Development of Criminal Law
Within the history of criminal law, learn important differences between civil law, customary law, and criminal law. Should the justice system be geared toward retribution or restitution? What would a modern-day restitution system look like? How does this differ from our current criminal justice system?

Lunch & Free Time  (Talk, explore, run, throw a Frisbee, read, nap, write public policy for your home state…it’s up to you!)

The Knowledge Problem & Spontaneous Order
Learn about how people coordinate their actions with one another despite knowledge being disepersed amongst many.

Dinner (Continue your conversations. Trust us. You won’t run short on topics.)

Is There a Duty to Obey the Law?
Engage in a discussion with the evening lecturer and other seminar participants about whether or not you have a moral obligation to obey the law. Discuss challenging examples and different theories.

Discussion Groups
Join a faculty-led small group discussion to consider the questions that have been lingering and developing throughout the day. Raise new concerns, and hear what your fellow students thought about the issues you learned about!

Evening Social  (Enjoy a drink as well as some friendly debate and in-depth discussions that will quite possibly linger late into the night.)

Sleep. (Sleep? Who has time to sleep?)

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