IHS Summer Seminars

Summer Seminars Application Preview

In addition to providing basic information about your current location and occupation, educational background, and preferred seminars, you will be asked to respond to the following:


  • Please describe your career goals and how you plan to accomplish those goals. (200 words or fewer)
  • Please explain how your seminar choices reflect your interest in classical liberal ideas such as limited government, free markets, peace, non-aggression, and the rule of law. (200 words or fewer)
  • List four intellectual figures or books that have most influenced you and a single sentence for each stating how it has influenced your thinking on public affairs. Please do not include family members, pets, or coaches.


 Essay #1

 Select your first essay topic from the following options and compose an answer of up to 400 words.

 A. Beyond maintaining a basic framework of law and order, under what circumstances do you think governments ought to intervene in the economy?

 B. Political philosopher G.A. Cohen believes that market competition is an inherently repugnant, predatory system that fosters greed and undermines community. Cohen would prefer to move away from a market-ordered society toward a society organized like a camping trip, where people contribute to the fishing, cooking, and cleanup out of generosity and a concern for the good of the community. Food, treats, and opportunities for relaxation and recreation would be equally distributed on the basis of a principle of solidarity. Would it be possible or desirable to organize society as Cohen wishes? Why or why not?

 Essay #2

 Select your second essay topic from the following options and compose an answer of up to 400 words.

 A. Some commentators believe that globalization--defined as the global movement of ideas, goods, and people--increases economic opportunities in developing nations but also creates cultural side effects. How do you assess this argument? Based on you assessment, what policy or stance do you think your home country should adopt towards globalization?

 B. Many substances that affect the human mind – such as marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine – are banned in many countries as “recreational drugs.” Other substances that also affect the mind – such as alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine – are generally legal though regulated. Is this inconsistent? What should be the government policy for regulating substances that affect the human mind?