Advanced Topics in Liberty: Property Rights & Freedom

Nothing determines just where we stand with others like property. It is our territory. It is our domain. It is where we build our castles. But what exactly are our rights? How are property rights related to justice and legitimacy? These questions and many others are the kinds of thought-provoking considerations that will be tackled in this rigorous Advanced Topics in Liberty Seminar on property rights. This invitation-only seminar is perfect for aspiring academics.

Advanced Topics in Liberty: Property Rights & Freedom

What’s a typical day during the Advanced Topics in Liberty: Property Rights and Freedom like?

While not every day will be the same you can see how a typical day will challenge you to think about property as you’ve never thought about it before.

Breakfast (Squint eyes at blinding Winston-Salem sunshine as you make your way toward the cafeteria. Stake your territorial rights at your table while sipping hot beverage of choice.)

Philosophical Bases for Property Rights
Start the day off with Locke and Nozick. Discuss how private property rights can be defended philosophically. What are the origins of property rights? Is there such a thing as just acquisition?

Coffee Break 

Markets and Property Rights
Explore the theories of writers such as Douglass North and Elinor Ostrom. What is the economic significance of property rights? What has been the importance of property rights for economic development? How common is the so-called “tragedy of the commons?” Can a commons co-exist with private property?

Lunch & Free Time (Continue the lively discussion. Maybe even survey the quad.)

Property Rights and the Rule of Law
Next up for discussion: David Hume and Richard Epstein! Discuss the relationship between an effective system of property rights and the rule of law. What judicial arrangements are conducive to respect of private property? How does the classical liberal understanding of property compare to the modern liberal understanding? What are the implications of those different understandings for the rule of law?

Dinner (Continue your conversations and debate. What about property rights over the air and sea? Any seasteaders in the group?)

Evening Social  (Continue the lively discussions over drinks well into the night. At 4.17 am it dawns on you that dawn is actually beginning!)

Sleep. (3 hours? Oh wait…there’s that eye-opening WFU coffee!)