Advanced Topics in Liberty: Property Rights & Freedom

Nothing determines just where we stand with others like property. It is our territory. It is our domain. It is where we build our castles. But what exactly are our rights? How are property rights related to justice and legitimacy? These questions and many others are the kinds of thought-provoking considerations that will be tackled in this rigorous Advanced Topics in Liberty Seminar on property rights. This invitation-only seminar is perfect for aspiring academics.

Advanced Topics in Liberty: Property Rights & Freedom

Thinking about a PhD? Our Advanced Topics in Liberty seminar is perfect for you!

May 29-31 ● Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC
June 1-3 ● Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC

As part of our summer seminar series, we are hosting two Advanced Topics in Liberty conferences on Property Rights and Freedom. The Advanced Topics in Liberty program is an invitation-only, discussion-based conference series. These conferences feature in-depth, Socratic-style discussion about the ideas, questions, and challenges raised by a set of readings with a discussion leader and fifteen participants from various backgrounds.

This advanced level seminar will take an interdisciplinary approach focusing on all aspects of property rights from historical, economic, and theoretical perspectives. All sessions will be participant-driven, so the conversation is entirely up to you! Participants will be asked to read the assigned selections in advance of the program, and be prepared to discuss them in small groups.  This will give you a taste of an academic and scholarly setting. Readings will be mailed to participants in the spring.

Discussions will be guided by a stellar team of scholars: economist Diana Thomas, political scientist Michael Munger and philosophers Mark LeBar and Jim Otteson. They will help participants engage in in-depth conversations, including the following topics:

  • Origin of Property rights
  • Philosophical Basis for Property Rights
  • Markets and Property Rights
  • Property Rights and the Rule of Law
  • Property Rights and Cultural Contexts
  • Critiques of Property Rights

The seminar offers an outstanding opportunity to engage in intellectual discussions in a more scholarly setting.  Want to know more? Why not check out the readings for this rigorous, intellectually challenging, advanced topic seminar held at Wake Forest University  on May 29-31 and June 1-3, 2014.

This is an invitation-only seminar, however if you would like to be considered for the Summer Advanced Topics in Liberty Program, please complete this survey.