2015 IHS Summer Seminars

When was the last time you…

Chose deep conversation over sleep?

Were inspired by a new idea?

Had lunch with a favorite professor?

Made friends from around the world?

Loved the learning process?

IHS Summer Seminars
It's college. The way it should be.


IHS Summer Seminars will engage your mind and inspire you like no other college experience. Sessions will cover history, economics, philosophy and other disciplines from the classical liberal perspective, offering new insights and inspiration for tackling the many issues facing our society. You’ll debate and discuss ideas with enthusiastic faculty and peers throughout the day and late into the night.  


Over the course of the seminar, you'll build critical thinking skills, gain access to a great interdisciplinary network and discover potential career possibilities, all while learning about the ideas that helped bring about civil rights, greater human equality before the law, religious tolerance and freedom, women’s suffrage, and more.


Find the seminar that best fits your interests and knowledge level:

Start your intellectual journey.


IHS Summer Seminars take place on college campuses located across the United States. This year's locations are:

Cost & Accommodations

Participants will be put up in on-campus housing. Rooms are same-gender double occupancy. Meals are served in the campus cafeteria and have standard options for special dietary needs.

IHS will cover housing, meals, and books.* Participants are responsible for travel costs.

*See specific seminar pages and FAQs for details.