IHS Summer Seminars

The application for 2014 summer seminars has passed. Click here to be notified about upcoming IHS events and 2015 summer seminars.

IHS Summer Seminars stretch your mind and explore the notions of liberty, drawn from the classical liberal intellectual tradition, while inviting you to look at the world and your future plans with the cause of freedom in mind.

During each seminar, you’ll be engaged by lectures from leading scholars drawing on history, economics, philosophy, public policy, law, and a wide variety of professional experiences. 

Each seminar is designed to raise big questions, foster in-depth discussions, and create opportunities to connect with people from around the world who believe in liberty. And you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of liberty, new career possibilities, and a multidisciplinary network.

What’s more, through the IHS Summer Seminars you’ll gain valuable career and intellectual skills. Learn not to take anything for granted but rather, continue to challenge the status quo.

Finally, you’ll find it’s also a great time to make long-lasting friendships with bonds on the ideas of freedom that will last a lifetime.

Our different offerings of seminars are designed to challenge you, wherever you are on your path to liberty.

This summer, IHS has outstanding seminars designed to meet everyone’s needs whether you’re just getting your feet wet or ready to take on advanced challenges to liberty. For more information on each please follow these links:

Foundations of Liberty:

Liberty & Society: Ideas That Change the World

Advanced Topics in Liberty: Property Rights & Freedom

Summer Seminar Warhol Books


Undergraduate students and recent graduates are eligible for most seminars (eligibility requirements vary by seminar; see specific seminar pages and FAQs for details).


Seminars take place on college campuses located across the United States, this year's locations are:

Cost & Accommodations

All participants receive a full scholarship covering housing, meals, and books. Participants are responsible for travel costs.

Participants will be put up in on-campus housing. Rooms are same-gender double occupancy. Meals are served in the campus cafeteria and have standard options for special dietary needs.