Jeffrey Pierce

Learn Liberty Web Projects Coordinator


Jeffrey Howard is the Learn Liberty Web Projects Coordinator at the Institute for Humane Studies. He studied philosophy, psychology, and sociology at Brigham Young University while researching education reform. Before joining IHS he taught social studies at the secondary level in both Salt Lake City and Washington D.C.

He enjoys reading about economics, history, mythology, travel writing, religion, political philosophy, and literature. He loves gathering stories from people as well as writing his own short stories. When he isn’t pursuing innovative ways to exit the state, he travels across the states--he has road-tripped through 47 of the 50. He has also lived in California, Utah, MD/VA, and England, but his heart belongs to the Scottish Highlands. He is happiest when wandering mountain wilderness with a blank notebook, huddled around a campfire with friends, or nestled inside a coffee shop with a savory book.