Jaclyn Boudreau

Video Producer


While working at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health near her home in Massachusetts, Jaclyn began to understand the importance of freedom-promoting policies. She worked to become more sophisticated in advocating for liberty through her academic career in philosophy and psychology at Bridgewater State University where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree. Moved by the neo-Aristotelian treatment of the classical liberal argument, Jaclyn is convinced that educating the public about the principles and potential of the classical liberal movement is a necessary component of any attempt to change policy. Jaclyn was seeking a way to make complicated philosophy, policy, and economic issues accessible to the general public when her search led her to the ideal tool for doing so: Learn Liberty. For maximal happiness outside of her career, Jaclyn requires Tyrion Lannister, mojitos, SPF 30 or higher, vegetarian options, friendly librarians, and non-calorie-listing menus.