Staff Quotes

Dr Nigel Ashford

"I love working at IHS because it combines my three passions: a commitment to individual liberty, a desire to mentor young people to become multipliers of liberty, and an academic (rather than polemical or directly political) approach to questions.

The benefits of working at IHS include: working with others who share your commitment to the mission; working with students who are bright, interested in ideas, and who can benefit from the advice that IHS can provide; and the degree of autonomy to pursue the mission without micro-management."

Scott Barton

"Working at IHS is unlike any other job. My work here is devoted to helping bright students develop themselves intellectually and professionally. But in contrast to most other educational organizations, these students are interested in learning about free markets and individual liberty. So I'm seeing on a daily basis how I'm advancing liberty by helping them succeed. And I do this in an office atmosphere that's steeped in intellectual thought. My work leads me to have intelligent discussions with my colleagues about classical liberal philosophy, current policy debates, and so much more. Everyone on staff is smart, well-educated, and deeply committed to advocating and learning more about liberty. In addition to the IHS staff, I interact with top-notch students and scholars throughout the year.

Working at IHS is also an excellent way to get involved in the liberty movement. Staff and scholars at allied organizations form a real community in DC that's working to advance freedom. By working at IHS, I'm plugged into that community, with its associated happy hours, speakers, and other fun opportunities to interact with other liberty-minded people."

Laura Barnett

"The IHS environment is a wonderful place to enter on a daily basis. Our classical liberal philosophy not only inspires each person on an individual level, but it also influences the structure of the organization itself. It is remarkable how much trust and responsibility you receive the moment you start working here. I was signing contracts and interacting with faculty and students right away.

IHS is a place where we combine hands-on work experience with intellectual exploration. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to attend seminars and conferences, where we can interact directly with the ideas of liberty. IHS is also very good at identifying talent and making the most of it. Personally, I saw a growth opportunity for myself and IHS supported it, even though it meant restructuring the organization. IHS embraces entrepreneurialism wholeheartedly."