Scholarships & Grants

IHS provides a number of scholarships and fellowships of up to $15,000 for people applying to graduate school, graduate students, and non-tenure track junior faculty.

IHS PhD Scholarship

$1500 for current and entering students in PhD programs to be applied toward tuition and fees.

PhD Application Fee Waiver

The IHS PhD Application Fee Waiver reimburses individuals interested in pursuing academic careers up to $300 of their graduate application fees. 

Research & Conference Grant

Grants up to $750 for current graduate students to cover research expenses, conference fees, and other career-related costs. 

Humane Studies Fellowships

Scholarships of up to $15,000 for current and entering graduate students pursuing liberty-advancing careers. 

Hayek Fund

Awards of up to $750 for graduate students and non-tenure track junior scholars in the IHS Network to present at professional conference, travel for academic job interviews, conduct research, or participate in a career development seminar.

Summer Graduate Research Fellowships

A non-residential research and writing program to complete a publishable paper. Includes two conferences for fellows to present and discuss their work. $5,000 stipend. Invitation-only.

IHS Roger Pilon Fellowship

A non-residential grant of $10,000 each to two students every year at Columbia University’s School of General Studies.