Resources for Graduate Students

Great Academic DiscussionsThe Institute for Humane Studies is dedicated to helping graduate students complete their coursework and become successful academics and future opinion leaders. We offer a variety of programs for each career stage, from getting into a graduate school to landing a first job.

Seminars & Conferences

Our interdisciplinary workshops and seminars explore a variety of research topics from the classical liberal perspective, providing rare opportunities to discuss opinions and concepts with peers and faculty. The program lengths range from one day to an entire week with groups ranging from 15 to 70 students.

Scholarship & a Free Society Summer Seminar
A graduate student research workshop on how leading academics use the classical liberal tradition as a paradigm for contemporary scholarly research. The seminar covers topics across disciplines, as well as research methods and applications.

Liberty & Society Summer Seminar for Graduate Students
The graduate student session of the Liberty & Society summer seminar, an interdisciplinary exploration of classical liberal and libertarian thought.

Liberty & the Art of Teaching Workshop
A conference on effective teaching techniques and incorporating classical liberal concepts into a curriculum while maintaining a balanced, open discussion. Open to advanced graduate students and faculty.

Advanced Topics in Liberty
These conferences feature in-depth, Socratic-style discussion about the ideas, questions, and challenges raised by a set of readings. (Invitation-only)

Career Development Workshops (Invitation-only)

Scholarships & Fellowships

IHS provides financial support to help graduate students complete their education and participate in career development activities. Awards are open to students advancing the principles, practices, and institutions necessary for a free society through their academic work. Students at universities worldwide are eligible to apply.

Humane Studies Fellowships
Awards of up to $15,000 to graduate students and outstanding undergraduates embarking on liberty-advancing careers in ideas.

Hayek Fund
Awards of up to $750 for career-advancing activities, such as traveling to an interview

Summer Graduate Research Fellowships
A non-residential fellowship to work on a thesis chapter or a publishable paper, combined with two weekend conferences to discuss and present research. (Invitation-only) 

 Internship Programs

Our paid internship programs help graduate students develop skills and build a network in the fields of public policy and journalism.  Both programs include weeklong career workshops that include formal training and lectures by experienced professionals.

Graduate Student Newsletter

The monthly IHS Graduate Student Newsletter lists opportunities such as jobs, fellowships, and events in the liberty network. Subscribe. View a sample newsletter – The IHS Academic Resource Website

Join a community of liberty-friendly academics on, our academic resource site. Learn about jobs and opportunities. Listen to insightful podcasts on cutting edge liberty-related research and get advice and inspiration from online career development seminars. Browse the Event Calendar, also organized by discipline, so you don’t miss a networking event near you. 

Living Liberty Online Lecture Series
This summer, you’re invited to learn from top classical liberal scholars about the power of individual liberty and economic freedom. Gain new perspective and inspiration digging into the fundamentals of freedom, and see how you can make a difference for liberty, in your work, studies, and daily life.

IHS Networking Opportunities at Conferences

IHS holds receptions and events at academic conferences throughout the year. Upcoming conferences that IHS representatives will be attending are listed below. If you would like to meet these representatives, please contact us. To stay informed of future opportunities, subscribe to the Graduate Student Newsletter (register for an IHS account, go to Subscriptions, and check the box for Graduate Newsletter).

 Upcoming ConferencesIHS Representative
  Midwest Political Science Association
Chicago, April 11–14
 Policy History Conference
Richmond, June 6-9


Jobs & Opportunities

Our Job & Opportunities Board, on, lists jobs, internships, contests, and other opportunities to get involved with the ideas of free markets and individual rights.

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