Refer Students, Friends, & Colleagues

Many people learn of IHS seminars through recommendations from alumni and professors. Your recommendations to friends, family, students, and colleagues are essential in helping us reach students and recent graduates passionate about the ideas of liberty.

To show our appreciation for your recommendations, you will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate for every non-alum you refer that is accepted to participate in one of our Summer Seminars. (An alum is anyone who either participated in an IHS program or received funding from IHS)

Ways to Spread the Word

Amazon $10 gift certificate

Tell your friends, family, and colleagues to apply for the 2013 IHS Summer Seminars!

Here’s the Fine Print

We are not a big fan of rules, but here are a few to keep the process simple:

  • This offer is open to alumni of IHS programs and faculty in the IHS Faculty Network.
  •  Amazon Gift Certificates can only be awarded for applicants who are accepted to participate in 2013 Summer Seminars and are not existing alumni of IHS programs. If someone is invited to waive the application process and attend, they will not qualify as a referral.
  •  Amazon Gift Certificates can only be awarded if in the “How’d You Hear” section, the applicant selects “Previous IHS Participant” or “Professor/Teacher/Faculty Advisor” and  lists your name .  To reduce confusion, encourage your referral to also list your email address (we won’t spam you).
  •  We can only award one gift certificate per qualifying applicant. If an accepted applicant lists more than one person as their source, we will credit the gift certificate to the first alumni listed.
  •  There is no limit to the number of gift certificates you can receive for qualifying applicants. If 30 of your referrals are accepted to participate in a seminar and list you as their source, you will receive a $300 Amazon Gift Certificate.
  •  This offer is only good for applications submitted by March 31, 2013.

Note: If no email is listed in the source field of the application, gift certificates will be sent to the current email that we have on file. Make sure we have your current email address! To update your information, log in to your account.

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