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Photo Contest Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below to see if we answered your question. If you have additional questions about the photo contest please send them to

I do not have a Flickr account. Is there any other way to submit photos?

We are requiring all photos to be submitted through the groups on Flickr for consideration in the contest. Creating an account is easy though! If you have a yahoo account it only takes a moment.

I attended a weekend conference earlier this year. Am I eligible to submit photos?

Yes! Participants of all our 2013 programs are eligible to submit photos. If you participated in a program, like an Advanced Topics in Liberty conference that doesn't have a group, please email us at for help.

How many photos can I submit? If I have 150 photos from my seminar can I submit them all?

Please submit only those photos that you think we could use in our marketing materials or on the website. If you're on the fence, please go ahead and submit it, but if you think there is only a slight chance it could win, please don't add it to the pool!

I want to share my photos with other participants. Should I upload them to the group?

Only photos you want to enter in the photo contest should be uploaded to the group pool on Flickr. If you want to share your photos with other participants of your program, we encourage you to create an album on the Facebook group and share them there.

I'm ready to submit my photos now, but don't know how to submit them. What do I do?

To submit your photos:

  1. Create a Flickr account or login into an existing account and upload your photos there.
  2. Join the group associated with the program you participated in.
  3. Once you have joined, you'll be able to add your photos to the Group Pool.

What if I uploaded the wrong photo? Can I take it back?

You can remove photos from the group pool at any point. However, if we have already selected your photo and notified you of its selection, the photo becomes our property and cannot be taken back.

Do I have to upload all my photos at once?

You can upload photos anytime throughout the summer, we will review them at the end of the month in which they were submitted. Just make sure you get them all in by September!

When should I upload my photos? Should I wait until September?

Upload them as soon as possible! There is no limit to the number of good photos we'll be selecting in the contest, but you stand an even better chance of being picked when we're looking for photos in June and July for our fall print materials.