Leon Drolet

Educational Programs Director

Leon Drolet

Leon Drolet is an Educational Programs Director for the Institute for Humane Studies, an affiliate of George Mason University, where he specializes in assisting students who seek careers in fields where they can advance the ideas of liberty. His areas of expertise include politics, public policy, media relations and non-profit organizations.

Leon Drolet served in the Michigan House of Representatives from 2000 - 2006. Drolet also served as a Macomb County, Michigan county commissioner from 1999–2000 and from 2006-2008.

In the 2006 election he acted as state-wide Chair of the successful Michigan Civil Rights Initiative. The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative used the petition process to place a state constitutional amendment (Proposal 2 of November, 2006) before voters that prohibits governments in Michigan from discriminating against, or giving preferential treatment to, any citizen on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity or national origin in the operation of government hiring, contracting, or state university admissions. The amendment was approved by 58% of voters despite the fact that proponents were heavily outspent in the campaign by opponents who supported race-based government preference programs.

During his final term in the state legislature, Drolet co-authored a state constitutional amendment that prohibited governments in Michigan from using their power of eminent domain to seize citizens' private property and turn it over to new owners for their private use. This proposed amendment was Proposal 4 in the November, 2006 election and was overwhelmingly adopted by voters.

After serving his final term in the Michigan state House, Drolet founded the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, which he continues to Chair. In 2008, Drolet’s Taxpayers Alliance utilized the petition process to force the Michigan Speaker of the House to face a recall election for his votes in favor of income and business tax increases during Michigan's budget crisis in 2007.

Drolet is single, is an avid football fan, and enjoys ornithology, cryptozoology, landscaping, modern architecture and art as hobbies.