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The Institute for Humane Studies has been supporting students, scholars, and future opinion leaders passionate about the ideas of free enterprise and individual liberty for 50 years. IHS offers paid internships and many other programs for students who support liberty.

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Find out more about the suite of programs and resources we offer for individuals passionate about advancing liberty:

Paid Internships - Be on the frontline for liberty! Choose from internships in public policy and journalism at more than 100 liberty-friendly organizations across the United States. Work on challenging and rewarding projects advancing free markets and individual rights. Build your professional network. All positions are paid and offer a housing allowance.

Scholarships - Awards of up to $15,000 for graduate and undergraduate students intending liberty-advancing careers.

Free Seminars on Liberty - Join students from around the world for a week of lectures and challenging, intellectual discussions. Explore liberty through the disciplines of philosophy, history, psychology, economics and more. The seminars are free—IHS provides housing, meals, and books.

Job & Opportunities Bank -- looking for full-time employment or other liberty-oriented opportunities? Check the listings on LibertyGuide.com

Academic Resources -- Pursuing a career in academia? Join the online classical liberal network at KosmosOnline.org and find opportunities, get feedback on papers, and meet other scholars.

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