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This high-level seminar gives well-versed classical liberal students and recent graduates the opportunity to test and sharpen their ideas by applying libertarian thought to difficult problems and questions. Participants think critically and debate about the classical liberal perspective—its past, current state, and possible future trajectories.
July 28-August 3 ● Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA area

The notions of Freedom weren’t just handed to us. They were ideas raised and refined over the course of history. And they’re still being refined today. That’s why this seminar will provide you with the long-term view you need to understand where the ideas and dialogue of liberty are going by having a better idea of where they’ve been.

On the one hand, we all want our individual liberties and freedom to lead fruitful, productive lives. But being a community of individuals, we also need to craft a set of rules called laws to guarantee those freedoms. But how much is enough and at what point is too much? And how do we strike a balance? The Rule of Law seminar will hopefully provide the perfect starting point for this essential discussion.

This intellectually enriching, skill-building program launches future writers, reporters, and producers into liberty-advancing journalism careers. Participants get practical advice from seasoned professionals, learn how to approach economic and political topics analytically, and explore how classical liberal principles work in the press and media. Skilled communicators from all majors are eligible.
June 2-8 ● Loyola University, Chicago, IL

An intense, interdisciplinary exploration of classical liberal and libertarian thought for undergraduates, recent graduates, and graduate students familiar with the libertarian perspective.

How do classical liberal ideas translate into sound public policy? This seminar considers how the libertarian tradition can help frame responses to current policy questions and problems. Participants analyze emerging policies in light of their bearing upon individual liberty. Ideal for students and recent graduates with a beat on current events and interest in policy-related careers.
July 7-13 ● Towson University, Baltimore, MD area
July 28-August 3 ● Towson University, Baltimore, MD area

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