Frequently Asked Questions

During the summer, may I engage in work unrelated to the fellowship?

The stipend allows you to devote extensive independent time to your own research and writing. It is expected that you will not otherwise work, travel, or teach during the fellowship. 

What support is provided?

Fellowship winners receive a $5,000 stipend, a travel allowance, and shared accommodations during two conferences at IHS offices in Arlington, Virginia. 

Are master's degree students eligible for the program?

Master’s degree students are not eligible. This program is for law and PhD students working on a publishable scholarly article or chapter of their dissertation. 

BA or MA students are encouraged to consider other IHS scholarship programs and the IHS Summer Seminars first, and apply to this program when they reach the appropriate stage of their studies.

What is the appropriate stage for law students or doctoral students to apply?

Doctoral students should be near the end of their program, having completed most of their research and focused on writing a publishable scholarly article or dissertation chapter. Law students intending academic careers are encouraged to apply for the purpose of writing a law review article. Law students may participate during the summer before beginning law school, the summers during law school, and the summer following graduation.

Is previous participation in an IHS program required?

Fellows are not required to be alumni of IHS programs such as the Humane Studies Fellowship and Summer Seminars, but it is advantageous in the selection process. We recommend attending our graduate student summer seminar or applying for a Humane Studies Fellowship before considering this Fellowship. 

When will decisions be announced?

Winners will be announced by mid March.